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AMTK    Amtrak Railroad
ATSF      Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway
CCC        Civilian Conservation Corp
DAF        United States Air Force Railroad
DAFX     United States Air Force Railroad
DDO       Department of Defense Depot Ogden (Utah)
DGA       Damn Good Airplane (According to Howard Aircraft)
DLA        Defense Logistics Agency
DODX    Department of Defense Railroad
DRGW   Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad
EIRR      Eastern Idaho Railroad
EMD      Electro-Motive Division (General Motors)
GE          General Electric
GM         General Motors
HVRR    Heber Valley Railway
IAP         International Airport
KMC      Kennecott Mining Corporation
MWRX  Unknown Railroad Operation in Wyoming
NNRR    Nevada Northern Railroad
NSRM    Nevada State Railroad Museum
SCRA     Southern California Railway (Metrolink)
SP           Southern Pacific Railroad
SRR       Southern Railroad
UCRY    Utah Central Railway
UP          Union Pacific Railroad
USAX     United States Army Railroad
UTAH    Utah Railroad

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