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What's New

9 May 2005

Updated and lowered print pricing due to newly found photo print lab.


1 Jan 2005

Continuing to update various areas.


5 Dec 2004

Experienced  a website being down for a day due to a modification of the site. 
Sorry if if you tried during this time.


30 Aug 2004

Added a section devoted to the Republic F-105 Thunderchief, the "Thud".


11 Jul 2004

We have lowered our price of our screen savers to just $9.95.


24 Apr 2004

We added some new areas and images plus added print ordering information.


14 Mar 2004

The website was modified to correct a problem when saving bookmarks.  Also, many webpage files were added to automatically forward older bookmarked pages to the newer equivalents.


28 Feb 2004

The entire website has been rebuilt and many more photos were added.  We hope that you find it more useful.  The new design will also allow us to make updates easier and more often.  Along with this we have reorganized and thereby some of your bookmarks might not point to the correct location anymore.  We do apologize for the inconvenience.


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